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Working Hands is a privately-owned clinic that specialises in conditions of the lower arm. All of our therapists are qualified Physiotherapists, and recognised as Registered Hand Therapists with both ACC and the New Zealand Association of Hand Therapists. We work closely with Orthopaedic and Plastic Surgeons, local GPs, case managers (for both ACC and private insurers) and other allied health professionals.


Amanda Johnson

Theresa, Thank you so much for all the thought, care and help you gave for me and my poor hand.  My hand thanks you!  I especially enjoyed our talks, as you were attending to  my hand, on daily procedures, techniques and an understanding of movement - both conscious and automatic.

Thanks for your series of exercises that I do daily and will continue to help my poor hand recuperate and then maintain its flexibility and strength.  Miss our sessions.

--Sincerely, Pamela Snow

Amanda Johnson

You have a great team working down there ... from the girls on the desk to Theresa who looked after me ...

Big Thanx to your team

--Alexander Pantelakis

Amanda Johnson

I'm very grateful for the time and care Theresa has taken.  She was also reassuring so I stopped worrying.

-- Afke Nissen

Amanda Johnson

I would like to register my heartfelt thanks to Amanda and her team who have helped me regain good use of my hand after a failed surgery and subsequent repair almost a year ago.

Amanda, Theresa and Simone are all skillful, knowledgeable, kind and empathetic.  When I was referred to Working Hands, I had no idea that I would receive not only the highly individualised help I needed for my physical rehabilitation, but also such kindness, such psychological support, such ongoing encouragement and so many practical tips to help me cope with a long and often painful recovery.

I cannot speak highly enough of the professionalism of all the team and the care they deliver.  Thank you all for helping me get my life back, and for your kindness, gentleness, good humour and patience along the way.

-- Jo Walton


Amanda Johnson

I would like to thank Amanda at Working Hands Riddiford Street, Newtown, Wellington.

After an accident I suffered with frayed tendons in my hand and arm.  The treatment I received was amazing.  I was very impressed by Amanda's treatment and the way she explained what she was going to do and why.  She also set me exercises to do at home and went through them with me to make sure I understood the correct way to do them.  I am delighted to be able to say that I am now fully recovered, thanks to Amanda.

Amanda Johnson

My son has had two broken thumbs and major forearm muscle damage from a nasty mountain bike crash. Simone has been professional, capable and informative on all injuries. When often the surgeons don't have time to explain all the details of the injury, Simone takes time so you understand the issues, listening and adapting splints to individual needs, continually adapting the treatment during the healing process giving exercises to aid recovery. I have had experience at other hand clinics and found Working Hands by far the best.

       -- Juliet Mollan

Amanda Johnson

I had an appointment with Simone, she was wonderful - so thorough and honest. She showed me pictures of the inside of the hand and explained exactly what was going in with mine. She also texted a few weeks later to follow up and see if the exercises she gave me had helped, which they completely had.

Amanda Johnson

I have been going on and off to Working Hands for a long time now and finally I get to finish treatment with them.  I have a lot of health issues; one of them being my hands.  Anyway, out of all my therapy places I need to go to, this one in my opinion is the best.  They are gentle and kind. The place is very disability friendly and because of Amanda, I can now use my hands.  I am very grateful for the work they do and if I have any hand(s) issues, I will be back.  Thank you.

-- Tatiana Lane

Dee Bolland

I had a series of sessions with Amanda over the last year, after I had a painful, disabling wrist fracture and TFCC tear to my dominant hand. Amanda is a very skilled practitioner - warm, empathetic and knowledgeable. Her interest in acupressure was really helpful, and she was unfailingly supportive and understanding. Her approach is both scientific and intuitive - I would absolutely recommend her to anyone needing a hand therapist. 

-- Caren Wilton

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