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Working Hands is a privately-owned clinic that specialises in conditions of the lower arm. All of our therapists are qualified Physiotherapists, and recognised as Registered Hand Therapists with both ACC and the New Zealand Association of Hand Therapists. We work closely with Orthopaedic and Plastic Surgeons, local GPs, case managers (for both ACC and private insurers) and other allied health professionals.

AROHA to the Whole Muslim Community

Working Hands Blog

AROHA to the Whole Muslim Community

Amanda Johnson

I write this post with a heavy heart following the loss of so many innocent lives last Friday and the enormous impact this has had on their family, friends, Christchurch, New Zealand … in fact the whole world.

It remains a very surreal experience and one where I personally feel numbed and shell-shocked despite having no direct connections with any of those affected. So much has been written and so much has been said, and yet we continue to gravitate to the same expressions of shock, disbelief, horror and sadness.

The morning after, taking my children to their various activities, there was an unspoken subdued, sombre feeling floating through the air. There were less people around than normal and we finished earlier than usual. One place offered a minute silence to pay our respect and this felt good to do.

Attending this evening’s vigil was moving. An amazing, estimated turnout of 11,000 people or more. Many tears and hugs .. that was just me let alone the rest of the crowd.

It still feels like we need to do more. I am not even entirely sure even now of the exact/full direction of this post, other than to let anyone reading this who may be struggling with this whole event to know that we feel that the Whole Muslim Community belongs in New Zealand as does all other cultures and beliefs. That we should be able to live freely and safely without the fear of being attacked for being who we want to be. It is definitely the reminder to be tolerant of others regardless of who they are; whether it be their size/shape/culture/belief and so on. To be kind and patient - always. If this has eased one person’s thoughts, then this blog has not been done in vain.

A huge mention of gratitude must go out to all the emergency crew and the medical staff who may have risked their lives or worked tirelessly around the clock to help these beautiful people.

I will sign off now wishing everyone all our peace and AROHA; particularly thoughts and prayers to those In Christchurch.

Kia Kaha.

Nga Mihi.

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